A pleasant holiday essay

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a pleasant holiday essay

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Write about the following topic: Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists rather than local people. What can be done to encourage local people to visit museums and historical sites? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Write at least 250 words. Essay on Museums and Historical Places - model Answer. Although most places have sites of historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people. This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting some possible methods of attracting local people. The main factor is the different motivations of tourists and local people.

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Your answer has been saved. T, die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem dienstanbieter in irgendeiner beziehung. Sollten markenrechtliche Probleme auftreten, wenden sie sich bitte direkt an den Domaininhaber, welcher aus dem Whois ersichtlich wird. This is an example of an essay on museums and historical places. It is a causes (or 'reasons and solutions essay as you have to explain why local people visit these places less than tourists, and then present ways to encourage more local people to visit. It is common for ielts candidates to only discuss one aspect, either causes or solutions, but not both. You should always read the question carefully to make sure that you know exactly what essay you are being asked. This will avoid you making this mistake, which is important as partially answering the question will lead to your score being reduced. Take a look at the question, then examine the model answer and read the comments that follow. Museums and Historical Places Essay model. You should spend resume about 40 minutes on this task.

A i essay hate the snow and I'm completely unfit so a holiday really doesn't interest. B we spent our holiday last year around Italy by coach. C elderly people often go on a as they can take it easy on the ship. D i think is the best way to travel - like a tortoise with your home on your back! E we usually go on a holiday as we like it when the travel agent arranges everything for. F i'd love to go but my wife doesn't like the idea of sleeping in a tent. My sister wants to go but my dad doesn't think it's safe for a girl to get in a stranger's car. H we did lots of while we were on holiday in London and took photographs of all the famous buildings. The correct answers are: A) skiing, B) touring, C) cruise, d) backpacking, E) package, f) camping, G) hitchhiking, H) sightseeing.

a pleasant holiday essay

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a pleasant holiday essay

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The Ardennes are the holiday ground of paper the belgian people, and advantages much of this region is still unknown except to the few persons who by a happy chance have discovered its remoter and hitherto well-guarded charms. There is still an immense quantity of wild game to be found in the Ardennes, including red and roe deer, wild boar,. The shooting is preserved either by the few great landed proprietors left in the country, or by the communes, who let the right of shooting to individuals. Related Also mentioned In Words near holiday in the dictionary yes, i'd like to receive word of the day emails from m by continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy policy. ThePensters, reporting for Duty! What is it that bothers you? An essay due tomorrow morning? A ten-page-long research paper on a particularly nasty subject? Or maybe you need an admission essay, and its crucial that you write a good one?

a pleasant holiday essay

(UK) to spend a period of time for travel. Origin From Middle English holiday, halidei, halidei, from Old English hālidæ (holy day, sabbath equivalent to holy day. Cognate with Danish helligdag (holiday swedish helgdag (holiday, feast norwegian helligdag (holiday). Synonyms Sentences Sentence examples Sentence Examples The holiday weekend passed pleasantly. The you in my heaven is the person I create in my mind, the perfect you, who never drinks his milk from the cereal bowl and remembers every birthday and holiday with the nicest card he buys the day before, and he sends roses for. He was one of the founders of the rochdale literary and Philosophical Society, took a leading part in its debates, and on returning from a holiday journey in the east, gave the society a lecture on his travels. While the town was bursting at its seams for tomorrow's holiday, the side street where the deans' inn was located was peacefully quiet.

or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure. A period during which pupils and students do not attend their school or university. I want to take a french course this summer holiday. A period taken off work or study for travel or leisure. An unintentional gap left on a plated, coated, or painted surface. Verb ( third-person singular simple present holidays, present participle holidaying, simple past and past participle holidayed) to take a period of time away from work or study.

Holiday (born, eleonora fagan Holiday ) 1915-59;. Jazz singer: also called. Lady day holiday noun, a day free from work that one may spend at leisure, especially a day on review which custom or the law dictates a halting of general business activity to commemorate or celebrate a particular event. A religious feast day; a holy day. Chiefly British, a vacation. Often used in the phrase on holiday. Intransitive verb holidayed, holidaying, holidays, chiefly British, to pass a holiday or vacation. Middle English holidai holy day from Old English hālig dæg hālig holy ; see holy. Dæg day ; see day.

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Definitions, christmas is one example of a holiday. Noun, the definition of a holiday is a day where business is suspended in celebration of a specific event. An example of a holiday is Christmas. Holiday holy day a day of freedom from labor; day set aside for leisure and recreation often. A period of leisure or recreation; vacation a day set aside by law or custom for the suspension of business, usually in commemoration of some event any period of freedom from something: a weeklong sales-tax holiday, origin of holiday from Middle English holidei, with shortened. Ligdæg : see holy and day suited to a holiday; merry, festive, etc.: a holiday atmosphere of or associated with a holiday: an extended universities holiday weekend having to do with the year-end holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, hanukkah, and New year's: throngs of holiday shoppers, chiefly. To take a vacation or vacation trip.

A pleasant holiday essay
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B a holiday spent in the mountains moving across the snow.

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  1. We use individual approach to every write my college essay for me order. Essay on Museums and Historical Places - check out this model answer, tips and strategies for the ielts writing Task. Announcing the organisation of the essay is what follows the thesis statement in the introduction.order to increase your chances, to make the lecturer s mission as easy and pleasant. Vocabulary to describe different types of holiday.

  2. Jazz singer: also called Lady day. Of or associated with a holiday : an extended holiday weekend. Our academic writers know how to write custom college essays.

  3. Words that start with the letter. Milne s, essay : The, holiday, problem. The time for a summer holiday is may, june. Holiday ) 1915-59;.

  4. Thread: your ideal holiday resort ( a little essay ) could you check my essay and point on my mistakes? No route defined for this request. Related words for zuudnii talal gutal zvvdleh. Words starting with.

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